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Catholic Club brings hope for all

Described by founder and president, Jose Espinoza as a “Catholic ministry that gives Catholic students the opportunity for fellowship,” Espinoza says the club’s focus is to attract as many students as possible and do “God’s work.”

The club holds its meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month from 1p.m.-2p.m. in room S223.

The meetings are primarily to discuss and go over important items as well as to decide on what activities the club will partake in.

Aside from their meetings, the club also holds bible studies on the second and last Thursday of each month in front of the student union building from 1p.m.-2 p.m.

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Espinoza, a devoted catholic outside of school, said that he founded the club because he wanted help guide Catholic students who are lost within their faith by helping them “practice Catholic faith in the proper manner.”

Espinoza gives members the opportunity to practice their religion the way it is intended by holding the weekly bible studies and by doing volunteer work around the community.

The club volunteers at food banks and retirement homes, where they feed those in need and spend time with the elderly.

Espinoza stresses that giving back is a critical portion of the club’s objectives, but even if students don’t practice religion, giving back is something everyone should strive for.

In order to avoid any confusion, Espinoza wanted to mention that Catholic Newman and One in Christ are two separate organizations. He says, “the difference between One in Christ and Catholic Newman is that we as a Catholic ministry hold to the principles and teachings of the Catholic Church.”

One in Christ club was originally known as the Catholic Club and Espinoza was a member, but due to disagreements between him and other members he decided to respectfully separate and start his own club.

He states that other members felt they weren’t connecting with enough students because the name deemed the club “too exclusive.”

After the separation Catholic Club changed its name to One in Christ and Espinoza founded Catholic Newman Club.

Although there were some disagreements, Espinoza wanted to make it clear that both clubs respect one another and that they are both on campus for similar reasons. “One in Christ and Catholic Newman are here to do God’s work. We consider ourselves brothers and sisters in Christ.”

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