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CDC festival held here

The CDC held a Pumpkin Festival for their students from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Oct. 24. It was located in the grassy area right outside the CDC classrooms.

The CDC asked the entire Rio Hondo community for pumpkin donations. At the end of the festival, children had the ability to walk through the pumpkin patch and pick one out for their own.

Past CDC Pumpkin Festivals had staff, faculty and administrators donating the majority of the pumpkins. This year everyone was encouraged to participate.

The festival included a multitude of pumpkin activities from tosses, fishing and bowling to an obstacle course.

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Children tasted multiple pumpkin centered foods. Photos of the event were taken for its Facebook page to record the memorable event.

A total of 70 children attended the event and up to 32 practicum students participated as well.

The CDC Pre-School Laboratory focuses on student’s interests and their development, preparing them for kindergarten by exposing them to many education philosophies. They are assessed by a state exam at the end of the year.

The CDC makes sure that all children who come to the program have the best education available to them by offering Government Subsidized Payments to the families that may need the extra help.

A family event that continues to be a favorite is the Pumpkin Festival, a focus on the season instead of the holiday.

Everyone was welcome to donate a pumpkin at CDC’s front office and be a part in the continuation of the tradition.

Dr. Sondra Moe, professor and coordinator of the CDC, hoped every child participated in this event which is why the CDC needed as many pumpkins as possible and why every year the CDC needs the help of Rio Hondo students.

Many events are held throughout the year at the Child Development Center (CDC).

Since their opening in August of 1996, the events held have helped students and their children by providing fun and interactive experiences at a very low cost.

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