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Jodi Arias Trial Heats Up As Rio Hondo Students Say ‘Enough Is Enough’

Jodi Arias, a former waitress and Salinas native is now awaiting her retrial in the midst of her own conviction with first-degree murder. Arias was convicted last year for stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander over 27 times and slitting his throat. When Arias begun trial in May of last year, she claimed that in June 4, 2008 she had killed her ex-boyfriend in self-defense.

But multiple jurors deemed Arias a cold-blooded killer as medical examiners also found a gunshot wound to the head. indicating this was possibly a revenge case. Jodi Arias was convicted with 1st-degree murder on May 8, 2013.

Needless to say, Arias’ courtroom mayhem received widespread media attention last year as the Salinas waitress turned killer was deemed eligible for the death penalty. Now, it is up to the jury to ultimately decide whether or not Arias deserves the death penalty. Still, there is a chance the court will take the less severe route which would be life in prison.

For context: last year’s trial saw 8 jurors vote for the death penalty while 4 voted for life in prison. Now, more than a year later, the court will choose a new batch of jurors to help shape the killer’s fate.

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Things will be different this time, however, as the highly publicized, broad coverage of last year’s courtroom mayhem will not repeat this time around. Instead, as per judge order, the following court dates will not be allowed to be recorded or shared although news journalists in attendance can still use social media as a means to get the latest news out to the public.

Whatever the decision may be, the victim’s family will be sure to fight for the death penalty. However, it is not just the victim’s family who have their own opinion. Students at Rio Hondo have also weighed in on the matter. Stephanie Martinez had this to say, “I just want her to be put away for the rest of her life. I will never wish death on someone regardless of their past but I find that she in particular deserves to see life in prison.”

Other students were less forgiving…

“I don’t know I mean, what she did was cruel and sick. She even said herself that she would prefer the death penalty so just give her the shot. Enough is enough.” This according to Rio Hondo student Angel Torres.

The court is still assembling its new team of jurors to seal the deal. Meanwhile, locals are beginning to complain about the whole trials slow process. Aside from the jury selection, the court will also take aim at the defense’s own appeal of the death penalty as Arias has since changed her mind and now wishes for life in prison.

Arias’ trial resumed this month. Whether or not she deserves the death penalty will soon be determined.



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