GTA Creators fire back in response to Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit

Popular movie star Lindsay Lohan has been making the headlines again. Only this time in the form of legal woes. Back in July, Lohan sued Rockstar Games — creators of the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise — for allegedly stealing her likeness in the form of GTA character Lacy Jonas, a celebrity who is the subject of various escort missions. These missions are entirely avoidable and easily missed by most players. But that didn’t stop Lohan’s lawsuit which would go on to report that both likeness and personal details of the character are based on her and that Rockstar’s implementation of this was used in Grand Theft Auto V without Lohan’s permission.

But now, Rockstar Games has responded to the “Mean Girls” star by way of court documents which were filed and later made available to the public. Rockstar refutes that despite the actress’s claims of Jonas being an “Unequivocal” reference to her, the basis of the character was not based on Lilo’s likeness and that the only similarities are that both are young, blonde women. No words yet from Lohan and her camp but this didn’t stop Rockstar from taking the matter a step further by officially stating that Lohan’s sole reason for the lawsuit in July was  “for publicity purposes.”

Needless to say, Rockstar and parent company Take-Two Interactive both want this lawsuit dismissed and ask for Lohan to pay their legal fees as well.