RioSource kicks off with informative session

RioSource hosted its Kick-off event on Thursday, March 13, in the Rio Hondo College Board Room (1st floor, Administration building – A102) from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Rio Hondo’s Superintendent/President, Teresa Dreyfuss, hosted the event.

RioSource’s mission is to “educate and empower the Rio Hondo College Community to utilize resources on and off campus through adding non-profit organizations, community based organizations, and service providers in the surrounding community.”

The service providers have agreed to assist Riosource in their kick-off event by making themselves available to the students and the community. The following service providers are:

  • Whittier Rio Hondo Aids Project
  • Helpline youth Counseling
  • Inter Community Counseling Center
  • Low Cost Community Counseling Center
  • Alma Family Services
  • L.A. Cada
  • SPIRITT Family Services
  • Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation
  • Options
  • Plaza de la Raza Child Development Services Inc.
  • Community Resource Center
  • We Know A Place
  • Whittier Area Literary Council, Inc.
  • Employment Development Dept.
  • South East Area Social Services
  • God Provides
  • East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • The community of LGBT Centers
  • L.A. Gay & Lesbian Centers
  • Angel Step
  • East Los Angeles Women’s Center
  • Project Sister Family Services
  • Latino Diabetes Association
  • Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic

Through this process, Riosource hopes to better connect the students to valuable resources that will help address their needs.