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RHC brings a day of snow and fun to preschoolers

The Preschool Laboratory at the Child Development Center brought snow to preschooler’s enrolled at the Preschool on March 7.

The Preschool Laboratory currently has enrolled 60 preschooler’s part time and full time in the community. The State of California, Department of Education Preschool program, Rio Hondo funds, and parent fees funded the event.

Parent, Iviana Jimenez, stated that she enrolled her son into this preschool because it is close to her, they have a good reputation, and she likes how her son learns about science and art.

Moreover, she enjoys that her son learns about problem solving.

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The children were offered breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack that were cooked and prepared for at the Child Development Center.

The foods were low in salt and sugar, and have balanced nutrients for the best physical development. Coordinator, Dr. Sondra Moe, explained how students are served fresh loaves of bread, and also how they grow vegetables that are served in their everyday meals.

During the week of Snow Day, the children in the Preschool learned words and language associated with snow and winter, as seen on their bulletin boards.

It is a tradition well known to the community, as some parents bring back their children just for this day.

Worker, Ms. Smith, stated that Snow Day was a fantastic tradition. She included that it helps the children socialize, practice their language, and it shows the positive interaction and bonds they have with the parents.

Ms. Smith has been working at the Preschool Laboratory for three years, and states that her son was once enrolled in the Preschool, over 20 years ago.

All the children were fascinated with Snow Day in which they were provided with a snowy hill. They were dressed from head to toe with colorful winter clothes like big coats, warm pants, and colorful boots.

They took turns going down the snowy hill with plastic sleds, had a snowman to play with, and even had snow ball fights. Others enjoyed running up and down the snowy hill.

The Snow Day for the Preschool Laboratory at the Child Development Center in Rio Hondo was a success. All of the children’s parents were there to take pictures, and watch their children enjoy the show. Some parents even went down the plastic sleds with their children.

This Snow Day event had all the preschoolers happy, as some were playing with snow.

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