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SMART club opportunes aspiring Rio Hondo students with auto experiences

The Smart (student mechanic auto repair technicians), club has once again opened its doors to new and continuing students to participate in their club on Monday’s from 12 to 1p.m. in building SS-305.

The President of the club, Andrew Lopez, and the Vice President Jose Chavez; welcomes anyone who is interested in auto repair whether it’s fixing engines or learning about heavy equipment, welding, etc.

Honda sponsors the club, and according to the club; Pres. Lopez, they not only work on cars, they represent Rio Hondo with more than 45 members already working with nuts, bolts, and wrenches.

Smart is a part of a national organization that awards certifications for appreciations and recognition in both academics and community services. Smart also offers tutoring to those that need assistance.

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The club is currently working on a website where members can send private messages with each other and where people who are not in it can post comments or questions and the club members can respond to them.

Smart is also trying to see if they can go to intermediate schools and high schools to be able to promote the club so when future students go to college they will have more knowledge about the club and auto repair.

Anyone can join the club as long as it is within the semester and they are open and diverse about it.

Smart will also be acknowledged by FBLA-PBL in a conference on March 28-30, where state advisor, Glenn Morris will give his signature of approval for all awards and recognition.

Club members are also given a platform to share their achievements and experiences in job interviews and promotions while being apart of PBL.

The smart club is also trying to get members to meet other individuals and have a social network not just with in their group of friends, but with more of the students at school that may have never thought of meeting. The club is a fun way to connect with people and have many acquaintances.

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