Big Brother Is Watching: The Fight against Mass Surveillance

The protest on mass media surveillance took place on Feb. 11, with notable participants such as Facebook, Google, and Reddit in hopes of reformation of mass surveillance; specifically the passing of the USA Freedom Act.

Websites actively displayed their stance to oppose FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Improvements Act displayed their banner that read, “Dear Internet, we’re sick of complaining about the NSA. We want new laws that curtail online surveillance. Today we fight back.”

The Day We Fight Back, an ongoing protest against mass surveillance by the NSA, pleaded Internet users to call and write to congress to further push and strengthen the USA Freedom Act and voice opposition to the FISA Improvements Act.

A top-secret order issued by the court in 2013, involved Verizon Communications to provide a daily log of telephone metadata for all national and domestic calls was leaked by Edward Snowden which added even more fuel to the fire on the controversy on personal privacy.

According to The Day We Fight Back’s website,, the strengthening and passing of the USA Freedom Act would bring “new levels of transparency” to the FISA court, introduce a special advocate to champion civil liberties, and create new statutory limits on mass surveillance by the NSA.


If the FISA Improvements Act were to pass it would codify controversial bulk telephone records surveillance programs of the NSA, and allow the NSA to continue to collect telephone records, and permit restart of bulk collections of Internet communication records.

We have yet still to hear the results of this nationwide act against the surveillance on mass media and individuals expressing interest in seeing the USA Freedom Act to pass can enact by visiting The Day We Fight Back’s website for further information.