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A breakdown on Obamacare

As students, faculty and every other American embrace the New Year with their goals, resolutions and changes; a new change will affect their way of living, their health, and health coverage.

While filing their 2014 taxes next year some might notice a fee if they don’t have health coverage. While some have been keeping up with the latest news and have read their emails and have talked about it with friends, others have been left in the dark unaware of the changes they will soon face.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, (Also know as Obamacare, or ACA), will start taxing their taxpayers a fee of $95 in 2014, if they are uninsured and have not registered for their program.

For those unaware of what The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is about, here is a small crash course.

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President Barack Obama signed the law on March. 23, 2010.

The main objective is to provide affordable health care to an estimated 30 million Americans and provide cheaper alternatives to those who do have insurance.

The changes will be done over time and children under the age of 26, can stay in their parents plan.

The Individual Mandate requires that by law all americans have some form of health insurance to reduce the number of uninsured Americans.

A fee of $95 will be charged to every adult uninsured or 1 percent of their annual income, and children will be $47.50. The penalty will not exceed $285 the first year, and the fee will be over the whole year, not a monthly fee.

Individuals will be able to see different plans and prices offered by insurance providers by virtual spaces called Health Insurance Marketplaces. These spaces will be controlled by the federal government or by their state.

The ACA will also provide preventive care as well as a few new laws that will make insurance companies justify their rate increases over 10 percent.

A new law called the 80/20 rule will also require health insurance companies to spend 80 percent of premiums on health care and 20 percent to cover administrative costs.

While this sounds like peaches and cream, some Americans argue that The ACA is unconstitutional, and raise a few questions and interesting facts making many americans uneasy, and splitting the nation into firm believers and non-believers

The staff of El Paisano was curious to ask their fellow students on this splitting law. This is what they had to say.

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