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P.E. complex renovation complete

The athletic department of RHC officially introduced the new and efficiently improved Physical Education Complex on Oct. 23 after three highly anticipated years.

Superintendent and President Teresa Dreyfuss kicked things off with a welcoming speech and key introductions.

President Dreyfuss briefly explained the whole idea and purpose behind Rio Hondo’s new P.E facility, also thanking each and every one that had an impact during and after the whole project.

The project began on Nov. 9, 2010 with a groundbreaking Ceremony regarding the new Complex plans and what was expected. The facility’s construction started one month after it’s official project introductory ceremony, Sep. 10. With everything going as planned the project was finally completed this September. The construction costs peaked at an amount of $16,750,000. The new complex is made out of 48,816 square feet. The source of funds came from the State Bond and Measure A bond funds.

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The people involved with the constructing of the building were general contractor firm S.J. Amoroso Construction, Co. The architect was LPA Architects, Inc.   The program/construction management firm was DelTerra Group.

Faculty and staff had to move from the L building (which was the temporary home to P.E. offices and facilities) to the new P.E. building when the new building was ready to be inhabited.   The moving process took place during the summer of 2013 (between June 1 and August 23).

There are now courses that are being offered that are listed in the catalog, which in the past have been restricted due to a lack of some facilities.

At the ceremony, P.E Dean, Steve Hebert announced many new exciting additions to the much-anticipated renovated complex. The new additions will consist of a new state of the art weight room, brand new lockers, tennis courts, dance studios and an all-new parking lot. “The parking lot will be held on top of the hill and on the lower hill. The new parking lots will come in handy once Rio Hondo’s sporting events begin and get going”, He added

Many of the scoreboards were also updated and now will be running electronically, an addition many were hoping for. Along with that, the softball field was also reconstructed, one of the main focuses in the facility’s new look and design.

Not only were the weight rooms, courts, fields etc. improved but the pool department also received a dramatic change. The main pool will feature a miniature pool along the side intended for rehabbing purposes. President Dreyfus added, “We are very proud of all of our faculty, students, voters, and of course the men who worked on the actual project itself. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your amazing efforts.”

After the ceremony, everyone met at the entrance of the new facility and celebrated the grand opening ribbon-cutting event. President Dreyfuss was called to cut the ribbon, a historical moment to welcome the new, long awaited physical education complex, officially open for access and services.

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