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Empowering Latinos

Latinos United for Voting (LUV), endeavors to improve the Latino empowerment within Rio Hondo College and the community.

LUV is devoted to support students to become more politically active. LUV was founded on August of 2012, and with only a few months, LUV registered nearly 900 students to become voters for the November elections.

RHC with the unstoppable work of LUV, holds the California Community College record of registering the most students in a single event.

LUV began the semester strong, with about 15 club members on their first unofficial meeting on Sept. 19.

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The board committee is formed by Co-Presidents Caroline Carroll and Alejandro Reyes. Vice President Britny Arevalo, Secretary Alexis Cruz, Public Relations David Johnson, Advertising Manager Maria Cortes, Historian Rosario Moreno and ICC Representative Jose Espinoza.

Co-President Reyes discussed what the club is aiming as a whole for this semester.

In order to become an official club member, students need to create an orgsync account it is very simple basic contact information is required. The only new change the club has this semester is a $5 deposit fee, the club comes with new ideas for the growth of the club.

The fee will go for a new design for the clubs official t-shirts. Meetings will be held every other week from 1-2 pm a room has not yet been assigned due to the absence of an advisor.

As soon as the room is assigned club members will be notified via text message, email, or social media.

The committee is currently seeking new events for its members. LUV intends to promote themselves socially and politically, to try to keep everyone involved and stay as a team.

The club does bounding time as a whole, whether if it is a TV show screening, beach trips, and a banquet where the hard work of the club members during the semester is recognized.

LUV currently has 29 official club members. Reyes was appointed co-president by a democratic election within the club. A speech was given, questions and answers by the club members, and at the end of the semester at the banquet, the committee was announced. Deserving title after Reyes was well active during last semester.

The LUV has gone a long way, “What impacted the club was that, even though it was our first year, we weren’t really known as a club. Trying to get our word out was really hard because sometimes things didn’t work out our way” Reyes proudly said. Nevertheless, the clubs unity and hard work payed off.
LUV is consider to be RHC most active club on campus.

Reyes has a strong vision on wanting to focus the club more on Latinos.“I want to approach this, not only most students, but most Latino students are not very aware of what is going on socially and politically especially since some of them are not privileged to take on those advantages. We want to push the Latino empowerment and keep those students informed even if your voice can’t be heard we are going to be here to help and improve”, Reyes stated.

Arevalo, Vice President; has many plans. she wants to get as many students as possible involved, “Since the November elections are coming up in Whittier and Los Angeles County, I want to have as many Rio Hondo students as possible get involved”, Arevalo concluded.

Latinos United for Voting is exited for the start of the this semester. If students want any further information about the club, students may contact [email protected], like their facebook page luv.riohondo, and follow them on twitter and instagram by luv_riohondo.

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