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Colleagues celebrate President Dreyfuss

A ­­­gathering took place at The Clarke Estate in Santa Fe Springs on Sept 20 consisting of many dignitaries and friends  to welcome the 9th Superintendent/President of Rio Hondo College, Teresa Dreyfuss.

The crowd included several mayors, Rio Hondo Faculty and Board Members, and city counsel members, as well as students, families and alumni.

Dreyfuss has a rich history with the college and the surrounding cities, this was apparent from the amount of Mayors, City Officials, and Faculty that came up to speak of her qualifications for being a great president for Rio Hondo.

From the moment visitors checked in at the very scenic plaza and walked through the dining room into the back courtyard with the warm welcoming atmosphere was very apparent. With live piano, sophisticated decor, and a free buffet, and the serenading sound of the estates pool fountain, it was a very pleasant environment for the new presidents recognition.

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Once everyone was settled into their seats, enjoying their garden-style dishes, the Rio Hondo Fire Academy Color Guard was called to the front to present arms and lead the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

Richard J. Moore, the President of Santa Fe Springs opened the speeches of the ceremony by acknowledging  Dreyfuss, and then delving into a bit of Rio Hondo’s history. “Santa Fe Springs and Rio Hondo have a shared history. When Rio Hondo first opened its doors, it wasn’t on the hilltop where its currently located. It was at one of our little lake school board facilities here in Santa Fe Springs.”

Moore continued, “Dreyfuss, we wish you the best, we look forward to working with you and your staff, and welcome you to our community.”

The board president Madeline Shapiro spoke of the new challenges that Dreyfuss will be facing, but was also very reinforcing about the new Presidents expertise on these types of challenges,

“We appreciate her collegial nature and keen insight. Her knowledge of organizational history and campus culture has served her well so far and will continue to guide her efforts,” said  Mayor of Whittier, Bob Henderson.

Henderson also spoke of Teresa’s history with the school as well as his family. He informed the crowd that his wife was a teacher at Rio Hondo for 25 years and went on to become a Dean working alongside Teresa.

Henderson explained, “Rio Hondo has brought many benefits to its surrounding area and cities, helping educate the citizens and helping the local economy to grow.” He reinforced Teresa’s expertise in finance, stating it is “legendary in the area”, which, based on everyone else’s statements, was absolutely true.

There were numerous county officials, such as the mayors of El Monte, and Whittier came up to speak nothing but supportive welcoming words about the campuses newpresident.

Dreyfuss was even gifted with a commemorative plaque of recognition. As the sun went down, and the last of the light began to fade, Dreyfuss finally approached the stand with an incredibly confident, yet grateful  attitude. Dreyfus also finished anking nearly everyone who made the function possible, and stating many of her goals for the school.

“In addition,” said Dreyfuss, “We are encouraging activities to help streamline the student experience, in order to increase opportunity to complete the academic process more efficiently.” With these words in mind as well as the reinforcement she received from every individual present, it was evident that Rio Hondo’s 9th president is up to the job.

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