Faculty and Staff Learn About Students Experience at FLEX Day

Kicking off the new school year on August 23rd, the Rio Hondo College Faculty and Staff started it off with the annual FLEX day event, which included inspirational messages, informative workshops and general bonding among the participants.

The theme for this year’s annual FLEX day event was, “Understanding the Student Experience.” It featured speeches from the Superintendent/President Teresa Dreyfuss, Board President Madeline Shapiro, Academic Senate President Adam Westman, the Associated Students president Valeria Guerro and more.

In addition to this event, employees learned how to react during an active shooter emergency. “We can never be too prepared for situations such as these.” Verbally expressed by Facilities Director, James Poper. “As staff and faculty, our students will look to us for guidance if this horrible situation ever took place on our campus. It is imperative that we have the answers and action they will seek.”

Employees were additionally treated to an overview of the Student Prosperity Scorecard and the Student Prosperity initiative.

Following the initial welcome session, employees attended breakout sessions, where they learned more about incipient and innovative ways to work with students. The workshops present in this event included information on how to work with student veterans that had brain injuries, dealing with students who were disruptive, and learning to Skype with students so that they can feel more connected with their instructors.

Along with the workshops present that day, employees were welcomed to tour the new PE Complex and Santa Fe Springs Fire Academy location, which included the Regional Homeland Security Training Center.

“FLEX day is a wonderful opportunity for staff to grow and bond.” Dreyfuss mentions. “This year’s event was very informative on several topics we may soon be facing. It’s good to know our faculty and staff are prepared.”