Tips to avoid parking woes and tardiness

Rio Hondo has become somewhat notorious for it’s difficult parking situations at the beginning of each semester. However, most people don’t understand that there are numerous solutions and even a few benefits to this dilemma that seems to plague the campus.

The least popular of these possibilities may be parking off campus, which may seem like a daunting resort to ­most, but those people may not be considering the benefits of going that route. Parking in a legal space along Workman Mill Road does not require one to purchase a Rio Hondo parking pass, and if one is willing, they also get a very fair amount of exercise hiking up the campuses naturally steep hills.

Also, something most students aren’t aware of is that there are some extra 200 parking spaces available at 12801 South Crossroads Parkway during the first month of each semester. Another option that is not extremely well known is the colleges innovative public transportation program, known as Go Rio.

Go Rio enables students to use a bus-pass like system including 5 different transits that supply the commute to and from the campus.

Now for those who wish to park as close to their classes as possible, the purchasing of a Rio Hondo parking pass will be necessary. Now some students are very disappointed that, even though they paid the fee of a parking pass, it does not mean that it will be an easy task finding a convenient parking spot. However, students, who don’t really care for taking the hike up from some of the lower lots, have found a few strategies to landing some of the most convenient parking spots on campus. “Just make friends,” says student Dominic Martinez from El Monte, “it’s important to get to know fellow students for many reasons,” He emphasizes.

“But a real benefit is the more people you know, the more opportunities begin to open up”.

This is a generally positive way of looking at things, but when it comes to parking, you may find a friend that is leaving when you get there, and you can have a reserved spot. Whether it may even be walking, jogging, biking, or hitching a ride with a family member or a friend, or even carpooling with fellow students. For those who find a way to make the journey to the top of hill, the experience and results are well worth the trip.