Pico Rivera Sports Arena $7 Million dollar rennovation

The city of Pico Rivera will get a $7 million dollar upgrade to its sports arena in the next four years following a 20 year lease extension agreement with the area operator LEBA Inc; In a meeting held on Tuesday.

According to city manager Ron Bates, he states, “We’re pretty exited about it, because it should lead to some pretty nice improvements to the facility.”

LEBA of Los Angeles, also agreed to increase it’s $200K a year lease payment to the city by $40K a year.

The Improvements to the Pico Rivera Sports Arena will include upgrades to the parking lot, flooring such as a ceramic floor tile, and at least 200K in infrastructure improvements.

Plans were also made to replace the old billboard that city manager Ron Bates has been quoted as saying, “it’s (billboard) has been inoperable for years.” The new billboard will be LED, and will cost around 400K.

The Arena will also have at least $6.4 Million to include 1,500 new seats, compared to its usual 6,000 seats, and will include a free standing cover for the arena.

The Pico Rivera Sports Arena’s annual attendance is 80K people, and events that are approved for the area will include: Mexican Rodeos, American Rodeos, Music Concerts, Horse Shows, Religious Concerts, and many more.

The renovation of The Pico Rivera Sports Arena will also include a Retractable Roof, and the new billboardĀ  will display information about coming events around the area.

These new and expensive improvements will hopefully bring a new image to the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, and should improve the attendance. Over all, it’s a big step in the right direction for Pico Rivera and it’s residents.