Rio’s Student Success

A Board Study Session was held July 12 by the Board of Trustees to discuss and consider the Student Success Scorecard and the Student Success Initiative for Rio Hondo Students.

The task force met three times in ten days and was chaired by President/Superintendent Teresa Dreyfuss and included Mike Slavich, Dr. Robert Holcomb, Dr. Dyrell Foster, Karen Koos, Dr. Kenn Pierson, Henry Gee, Dr. Mike Munoz, and Dr. Walter Jones.

The pre-meeting task developed and prepared materials for the Board’s consideration and also to gather strategies for a potential plan of action regarding student success.

The plan of action that was presented to the Board by the task force included recommendations for increasing rates of completion for degrees, certificates, transfer and for implementing the Student Success Initiative.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the recommendations would be postponed until the constituency groups have the opportunity to provide input and make additional recommendations.

Wasting no time, the process is already scheduled for the upcoming semester with Academic Senate, Classified, Management/Confidential and the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College (ASRHC) participation.

Following the maturity and complete formalization of the plans, they will then be considered for inclusion in the Educational Master Plan and will also be reviewed by President’s council and Planning and Fiscal Council and Board of Trustees.