Newest administrator procedures established

On June 12 at the board meeting, the board accepted and implemented the following six Administrative procedures including;
Reporting of crimes To Report a Crime: contact campus security at (562) 463-3490 (non energies only). Any suspicious or people seen in the parking lot or loitering in and around the parking lot and buildings should be reported to the Pico Rivera Sheriff station.
Smoking on campus, Smoking is only allowed on in designated areas on the campus.
Course repetition, to repeat a course there is wide criteria that the student has comply with.
Repeatability, you can also repeat a course if it is necessary to meet requirements for a CSU or UC.
Student rights and grievances, the purpose of this procedure is to provide a prompt and equitable means of resolving student grievances.
Resignations, any resignation should include the final day of employment. These were the only procedures that were added or changed this June.