Summer Bridge Program’s mini fairs enlighten prospective students

On Friday, June 28, the Summer Bridge Program hosted the final session orientation for 100 incoming freshmen.
The idea of going to college makes plenty of high school graduates both excited and nervous. Many students look forward to their opportunity of a fresh start, but are unsure how to take the first step to college life.
Rio Hondo’s Summer Bridge Program is designed for students who are serious about making their commitments to education and plan to attend Rio Hondo College during the fall semester. This program offers a great chance to those who want to learn more about Rio Hondo College and make their very first visit.
Organized into groups of about 50, students toured around the campus and attended mandatory group counseling sessions. They visited different Departments, Student Services and offices to get used to the new environment. Students discussed their education planning through talking to counselors and peer mentors. They also took assessment tests to get an idea of their current Math and English Level. In addition, they could begin to “learn the rope” by learning and asking questions about programs and activities offered by the college.
For the past three years, the Summer Bridge Program helped a lot of students to have a smooth and successful transition from high schools to Rio Hondo College. Through the program, students are able to feel and learn more about the place where they will spend their next four years. It helps make their college experience more enjoyable and successful.
Starting from tomorrow, July.11, the Summer Bridge Mini-Fair is going to take place in room LR101. It gave students the opportunity to check out more activities on campus. Program Representatives will be given tables in LR101 and small signs indicating program name, so students can find what they are interested in quickly. For students to learn more about the programs, Representatives should also provide pamphlets or table-top boards to display the contents and information.
The other three of the Summer Bridge Mini-Fairs are going to be held on July.18, 25 and Aug.1, all from 10:00a.m to 12:00p.m. Approximately 50-80 students are going to attend each session in two groups. About 25 students will attend in the first hour, and a different 25 will attend the second. Every student will be able to talk to Program Representatives face to face to ask questions and find out how the programs work.
To encourage students to participate in these Mini-Fairs, Rio Hondo College will provide representatives with raffle tickets to hand out. Each student who comes to the tables may be given a raffle ticket and get the chance to win prizes at the end of the day. Students are highly motivated by this and enjoy attending the fairs.
Both the Summer Bridge Program and Summer Bridge Mini- Fairs are meant to help students to get more involved and participate in school activities. Students not only can learn more about the college itself, but also can make new friends and have fun.