Pico Rivera crash kills three, including two children

A head on collision between a speedy driver’s Honda Civic and a unfortunate woman’s Nissan Sentra has left three dead, including two children, as well as three hospitalized in critical condition.

All three children were ejected from backseat of the Civic as the driver’s uncontrollable speed led him to cross the center line and collide with the Sentra.

The male driver of the Civic was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three children who were in the back seat of the car were ejected, according to investigators.

Two of the children died and the third was hospitalized in critical condition. Their ages were not immediately known.

The women in the Nissan Sentra were rushed to an area hospital in critical condition.

The accident took place on the 3500 block of San Gabriel River Parkway and Rose Hills Road by the 605 freeway.

Sources say that a race between the now deceased driver and another vehicle may have initiated the crash, which took place while allegedly “coming home from a graduation party”.