Free Tax Preparations

As we all know Rio Hondo is always trying to find a convenient way to accommodate it’s students. With a new semester rolling around things can get a little hectic and not to mention time consuming. If you are an individual with a busy schedule and does not have time to do your taxes, Rio Hondo has IRS-certified  student volunteers to provide free tax return preparations to qualified individuals and families who earn fifty-one thousand dollars or less. This event starts on February eighth and carries on up until April twelfth .Take note however that they will not be open on February fifteenth and March twenty-ninth. Office hours are from ten in the morning till three in the evening at Rio Hondo College Technology Building T-101. Important items that you will need to bring include: photo identification for everyone on the return; social security cards for you, your spouse, and all your dependents along with the birth dates of these individuals. You will need your wage and earning forms(Form w-2, w-2G, 1099-R), interest and dividend statements(Form 1990s), and a copy of last year’s Federal and State returns if available. Lastly it is important that you bring  your Bank Routing Numbers and your Account Numbers for Direct Deposit(you will need to bring an actual check). It  is recommended that you make an appointment to avoid long lines. The number to make an appointment or ask any unanswered questions is (562) 463-7359.