Suspicion of gunman leads to campuswide evacuation

A Rio Hondo College student was detained on the main campus in Whittier, Calif. today around 11:20 a.m. under the suspicion of possessing a concealed weapon.

Students, faculty, and staff were instructed to exit all buildings and evacuate to their designated assembly points throughout the campus.

A member of the Rio Hondo College staff was tipped off of a male student allegedly possessing a gun, which sparked the chain of events that followed a 9-1-1 call.

All male students that met the given description of the alleged gunman were pulled from their classes or assembly points in order to undergo a search by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department.

The sheriffs were able to apprehend a suspect; however the intent and name of the student still remains unknown.

Faculty and staff were notified via Rio Hondo’s emergency system, while students were informed through their AccessRio accounts.

An ‘all-clear’ was given to the college campus at 11;59 a.m. by sheriff personnel.

Under the suspicion of an armed-male student at Rio Hondo College, all students, staff, and faculty were directed to evacuate to nearby assembly points while sheriffs searched the campus.
Classes are expected to resume as planned for the remainder of the afternoon.