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Classes to be dropped for non-payment

On Sept. 19, the Drop for Non-Payment Task Force met for the second time to further discuss the implementation of a drop for non-payment procedure at Rio Hondo College.

RHC will put into effect a drop for non-payment procedure starting with the Spring 2013 registration.

The task force is recommending that RHC take a hybrid approach to the drop.

There would be a common drop date two weeks prior to the start of each semester. After that time, students would need to pay-as-you-add.

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Students would be dropped who have not paid their enrollment fees prior to the common drop date or by midnight of the day they added during the Pay-As-You-Add dates. This procedure would only be in effect until classes start at which time students could carry a balance until they make any additional changes to their schedule (add or drop).

RHC would no longer perform debt hold releases (allow students with debt to add and drop until the last day to drop).

Students in any of the groups listed without any prior semester debt or holds will be exempt from the drop for non-payment process: 1) BOGW eligible, 2) Veterans—as identified for priority registration, 3) Scholarship recipients—as of date RHC notifies student of award, 4) Third party payment recipients—with contract on file in Accounting, 5) Dream Act/AB540 – for Spring 2013 only, 6) Any student with a current debt less than $60. Students with financial hardship will be reviewed by VP of Finance and determinations made on a case by case basis.

Additional changes to AccessRIO that will be incorporated with this implementation will include changes to the wait list response time to 48 hours.

Students will have 48 hours to add from the time they are notified. This is a reduction from the current 72 hours.

Students will not be able to join a wait list for more than one section of a class.

AccessRIO already prohibits students from registering for duplicate sections. Now they will no longer be able to hold wait list spots for multiple sections of the same class.

Priority registration for Spring 2013 begins on November 16, 2012.

Drop for non-payment starts on Jan. 12 at midnight.

On Jan. 14, first wait list notices will be sent at 8:30 AM; students will have 48 hours to add.

Pay-as-You-Add period (drop for non-payment at midnight each night) starts on Jan. 13 – 25.

The first day of Spring 2013 semester starts on January 26, 2013.


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