Firm hired to search for new president

Rio Hondo officials have picked a firm to conduct a national search for a new president. The board of trustees approved on Oct. 18, a $35,000 contract with the Association of Community College Trustees for Presidential Search Services.
According to the Whitier Daily News, President of the Rio Hondo Community College board of trustees Norma Edith Garcia, said ” we wanted to make sure we have attracted the best candidates, we wanted to make sure we have a firm that has the reputation and the ability to seek out the best candidates in the state of California and nationwide.”
Garcia described the process of finding a new president as very expensive and competitive, due to the number of other quality colleges seeking leaders.
A new president is expected to be named by the end of the current academic year June 30 2013, according to Susan Herney, the director of communications.
The new president will replace Ted Martinez Jr. who retired June 30 after five years as the college’s president.
Garcia said the board will be developing a statement on what Rio Hondo is looking for in the new president.