UCLA praises honors transfer students

Judith L. Smith, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education at UCLA sent a congratulatory letter to Rio Hondo regarding transfer students from the Rio Hondo College Honors/Scholars who are going on to UCLA for the Fall 2012 semester. Smith noted that the excellent progress made by students is being continued at UCLA, and the students are making a great contribution to all academic work and other extracurricular activities the students are participating in.


The honors/scholars transfer program at Rio Hondo has proved successful in the past. Back in 2008, the transfer student program received a 92% acceptance rate into UCLA. 41 students that year went on to continue their studies at UCLA, with students being able to fulfill their educational goals and make a mark on the transfer program at Rio Hondo.


The students involved in the honors transfer program have all shown great achievement, and academic prowess. Judith L Smith sends congratulations to all these students, confidently saying the honors program from Rio Hondo has helped these students, to become very successful in the future, and the students and staff involved ought to feel great accomplishment for their work.