So long to Rio’s Nancy Maffris

Rio Hondo College Counselor, Nancy Maffris will be retiring on August 1, 2010.

Maffris has worked here at Rio as a professor, teaching Counseling 101, and primarily as a counselor for 25 years, as well as 2 years in Veteran Affairs at California State University Long Beach, 2 years as First Director of the Transfer Center at Mt. San Antonio College, 10 years in school relations at UC Riverside, all averaging to a total of 39 years.

Becoming a counselor was not a definite career choice for Maffris. In fact, at one time, she wanted to be a high school teacher, since she enjoys helping people and considers herself to be “like a magnet”. Over the years, she has managed to achieve a master’s degree at California State University Long Beach and a Bachelor’s degree at UC Riverside. As a hobby, Maffris enjoys reading and shopping, mainly for others.
    Maffris notes that her experience here at Rio was “very rewarding”.
    According to, Maffris ranked an overall score of 5.0 by prior students.
     Once retired, she hopes to travel, read continuously, and perform volunteer work.