Fast Track to Success

If you want to to finish your general ed. classes at a faster rate, look into Rio’s Fast Track Accelerated Learning Program.

The program puts two or more classes together in what they call “Cohorts.” For example, Cohort 1 is English 035/lab/ English 101/ Reading 023.

The program has expanded from one cohort in the fall of last year to five cohorts this fall.

Retention rates were higher for the fast track courses  across the board, compared to the regular class, and success rates were higher for about 5 courses.

This might be due to the fact that individuals that sign up for the Fast Track know they must be dedicated, and prepared, to take on the work load of two semesters in one.

The program has shown good reason to continue and will.

For more information about the Fast Track Program contact Sergio Guzman at [email protected]