Beijing students participate in a two weeks esl program

Interim President Teresa Dreyfuss, along with Vice President Henry Gee, and Interim Vice President Dr. Kenn Pierson welcomed 25  students from Beijing over to the Rio Hondo College campus this week. These students were welcomed to the campus to begin a two week ESL(English as a Second Language) course.

The ESL course is going to help these students  learn the fundamentals of writing in English-basic sentence structures, paragraph development, several composition forms, and even help English grammar and word usage. The students get emphasized learning on pronunciation, conversation, idiomatic expressions,  listening, vocabulary, and reading, besides acquiring the written skills.

President Teresa Dreyfuss is out to help these students focus on their succes in learning the basics of the English language and make them feel welcome to the college. Students around campus are insisted to help make them feel welcome, and make their visit as pleasant as can be.