MESA students do it again

Students from one of the most successful programs at Rio Hondo have a lot to look forward to this coming Fall 2012 school year. Forty of the 171 students that served the academic year in the Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement (also known as MESA) will be transferring to 4-year institutions this fall after finishing major preparation courses in mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Transfer student Jamie Bellow said, “I am very happy yet a little nervous, but the MESA Program has prepared me very well for my transition. I will be transferring to UCLA pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics.”

The MESA Program is offered to incoming freshman at Rio Hondo and in Spring 2012, the program was able to move into its new location, S205.

MESA students made up 31% of all students in mathematics, 44% in chemistry and 70% in physics, and they outperformed other students again this year. They spent 11,192 hours in the MESA center studying individually and in groups.

Some of the campuses these MESA students will be transferring to include University of California Berkeley, Irvine, Davis, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Cruz as well as California State University Fullerton, Los Angeles, Stanislaus and Humboldt.