New campus recycling initiative to help out Rio Hondo

The San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps(SGVCC) is joining in alliance with the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College, and Rio Hondo College altogether, to help bring funds to benefit the school. The SGVCC was contacted by the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College to help bring more money to Rio Hondo College. The SGVCC then devised a recycling program for the campus. Empty beverage containers on campus will be recycled into bins that will be maintained and emptied by the SGVCC. In return, 10% of what is earned from the recycling every month will come back to Rio Hondo College.The Board approved of this recycling program on June 13.

The recycling program offered by the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps has helped many young adults ages 18-25 through projects that benefit these people in need of it. Over 300,000 bottles were recycled last year, which gathered money up that went into the community-schools, local businesses, etc. The people involved, who receive help get great benefits to help them move on to go through school and also maintain financial stability.

The SGVCC has been helping out youth in need of academic, vocational, and leadership development. They have not only helped them improve on it, but also help give them steady work and that work even goes further on to help out the environment and many other students all around who may be in need as well.

The Associated Students of Rio Hondo College have provided means of funding for students of the school and are continuing to do so with this new recycling program. Their new alliance with the SGVCC will bring in great funds provided by people who work hard and effectively, and in the end, just about everyone involved gets helped in some way.