“No more waiting in line! ACCESSRIO saves you time.”

Since the opening of their first class in 1963, Rio Hondo’s vision has always been to “increase, manage, and retain enrollment”. But two years ago, you would have waited in an extended line for two hours , perhaps longer, with the assistance of only one person to answer even the simplest questions and to discover what you want to know could have been found by only one person; YOU! However times have changed and so has registration for all Rio Hondo College students both registered, continued and new.
Summer session began Monday, June 4, 2012 and approximately half of the 17,000 students Rio that were served in each of the past two summers have enrolled, due to a new online service: ACCESSRIO.
According to Admissions & Records, ACCESSRIO was created for all rio students in 2009, which has been known to many to be our college’s primary online service, not only for fast and easy registration, but also to receive campus notifications, to add or drop classes, email access, view grades, seek financial aid concerns, look for waiting list notifications, as well as using other college sources. Every student now has a free assigned email account, “RIOMAIL”, powered by Google, which permits you to receive information such as campus announcements without having to come here on campus, which you will find it convenient, since you can log on from your very own computer from your very own home and at the same time, at any hour of the day.
So don’t stress any longer about registration, try ACCESSRIO and see what it has to offer and remember, your RIOMAIL does not end just because you transfer or graduate.It stays as a permanent account and can be utilized for contacting Rio Hondo for whatever reason.