High school students attend “Choices” conference

High school students received help on the path to their educated futures this past Friday, as the Hispanic Outreach Taskforce along with the Spiritt Family Services organization helped sponsor a “Choices” conference for over three hundred students from different schools around the region.

These conferences helped aid students from such high schools as El Rancho, El Monte, Frontier, and Pioneer High School, amongst others. The two organizations worked together along with staff members from Rio Hondo including Director of Government and Community Relations Russell Castaneda-Calleros, Government and City Relations Clerk Melissa Serrato, Marketing and Communications Specialist Sylvia Viramontes, and more, to help out high school students with how they are going to plan what they are going to do after high school, and helping them make the right choices they want to make.

The Hispanic Outreach Taskforce has provided information and access to such information that helps improve the lives of many young people in many different ways that promote education, health, economic development, financial literacy and cultural arts. They were founded in 1990 and have helped many high school students in the Rio Hondo communities including Whittier, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, and Los Nietos amongst others.

The Spiritt Family Services organization has gone out to promote mental health and well-being and has modeled itself around principles and values to help spread its message and ideas to those they try to serve. Spiritt has interpreted a message of personal development to instill in younger people that can relate to people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds as they use it in their lives, and in their futures.

Altogether, Spiritt and the Hispanic Outreach Taskforce alongside various Rio Hondo staff members have managed to produce an event to keep the young students looking forward to the future. Both organizations’ main principles and ideas managed to work together for the choices conferences and help create a successful event that aided many high school students in their knowledge of what life after high school is going to be like and how they are going to deal with it. In the end, many students were assisted in a successful meeting that may still be held in the future and continuously help many more kids, just proving more good deeds are being accomplished around in our society.