Foundation of National Science awards Rio Hondo $600,000 in Grants

The National Science foundation awarded students who are studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs (STEM) with $600,000 in student grants for the 2012-2013 academic school year. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independently federal agency which was created by Congress in the 1950’s to providing the progress of science and to advance national health, prosperity and too better welfare which secures national defense

The scholarships provided to some of the academic students who work and attend college full-time in studying the STEM or the STARRS programs here at Rio Hondo College. By helping them out in their efforts to reduce the financial stress, stress that prevents students from reaching their goals in the challenging STEM classes. This program is to provide about 20 students annually with up $6,000 for the school year and to help reduce the need to work full-time. The first group of STARRS’s students will be chosen in the early summer of the 2012-2013 academic year.

The National Science Foundation awards follow’s Rio’s commitment to support the student’s population of a 70 percent Hispanic pursue in the studies of the STEM fields where Hispanics have been historically underrepresented, also helping them to pursue a lifelong dream in these advance degrees. All applicants must be full-time students in these studies of the STEM major, show that they have financial needs, and demonstrate an academic a great value of potential.

The scholarships do not automatically go to students with the highest GPA but aim for the students who have a lower GPA to help them become top students. STARRS’s scholars must attend school full-time, work no job or have fewer hours at a job, meet regularly with faculty mentors, and must participate in the MESA and TRiO student support services and STEM (SSS) programs. Also the students will have advising support in their personal education plans. They will work with faculty mentors in their fields.