Flirty, witty, sext

Sexting is how people turn a simple text message into something very provocative and uncomfortable. It takes text messages to an extent where flirting is involved and sometimes even nude photos are sent. The power of a simple “sext” message can go far enough to the point where it intrigues someone sexually. Sexting can take text messaging to a whole new level of “normal conversations,” to a level of feeling aroused. The act of sexting can range from sending sexually explicit texts or raunchy photos, depending on how far the person sending the message goes. People initially tend to sext in hopes of eventually being sexually involved with the other person.

This takes flirting to a different level in which people are becoming aroused by text messages and photo messages, and eventually becoming sexual partners. Sending provocative text messages can be cheesy when one person begins to send awkward texts, and starts taking it too seriously. For example, like saying something sexual at the wrong time and eventually turning the other person off. Sending something childish like “hey baby, you are so delicious, let me lick you,” very cheesy. Sexting seems to be done usually to entertain the other person; to be funny and flirty, to grab someone’s attention and make it known that you’re feeling flirty.

It can be broken down to different levels of seriousness, depending on how serious the person sending the message wants to be taken. There is a difference between sexting a boy/girl who you like and a boy/girl who you want to only mess around with; because sexting can be with both of those categories.

You don’t want to be sending provocative pictures to a person who is willing to black mail you, or to a person who is capable of exposing whatever photo you decide to send them. It will leave you in a position where maybe at one point you make the person angry and they want to embarrass you by getting revenge and exposing your private photos. Also, when a break up is involved, you have to be careful and remember that you sent photos to that person. It can be better to play it safe and only send provocative messages to someone you know and want to be taken serious with, like a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The power of evoking interest in someone by sexting and attempting to be playful can spark up any conversation. Hinting to the other person that you want to have sex, why not, right? Guys won’t want to take a girl seriously if all she talks about is sex, and girls get annoyed when guys only talk about sex. Turning someone on with wise and flirty words is different than using pick up lines that annoy someone, like the cheesy one mentioned earlier. Wise and flirty words can be simple and funny that can expand the mind. Give the other person ideas of what can be done in private hours, for example “why don’t we meet up later so I can see if you’re all talk or if you’re all game.” That might encourage the other person to try and prove you wrong and continue on with the conversation. Dirty talk to raise sexual tension can be fun but can be easily uncomfortable when someone crosses the line and says something to kill the mood.

Dropping in a little bit of sexuality in a text message conversation and letting the sexter initiate sex for fun is what sexting should be. The thing is that sexting has gotten to a point where people are sending out private intimate photos of themselves and are getting black mailed. No one wants a humiliating thing like that to happen to them, so again, be careful who you sext. Let’s not forget that photos can be shared and passed around; that one photo can be kept for a long time and can be out there in many other cell phones.

Usually it is teenagers that send their boyfriends and girlfriends these photos and as soon as the relationship is over, the photos become something they can use as blackmail. Some people use sexting and sending naked pictures of themselves as an advantage to get responses that they hope will lead to sex. For some people, descriptions can be more inviting than images. Letting the imagination expand and keeping people wondering what can be possible, keeps the whole relationship interesting.

So keep it simple yet still provocative enough to spark up the conversation, make the other person smile and laugh with your flirty witty message. Little sexual hints are what keep conversations interesting and make sexting fun, just be careful not to go overboard. I interviewed a sexter who would like to remain anonymous, and he seemed to not have a problem with his past experiences, as he still does it. Just remember, if you are one who chooses to send provocative message and pictures, be sure you know the person you are sending them to, and know that they will not blackmail you.