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Rio Hondo “coming out” to celebrate National Coming Out Day

Photo Credit: Christopher Castanon
Welcome gate to the nation coming out day even on Rio Hondo Campus

Rio Hondo held an event that celebrates National Coming Out day, a day put aside for members of the LGBTQIA+ Community to celebrate, Wednesday, Oct. 11. In an era marked by growing acceptance of the LGBT rights, National Coming Out day serves as a way to celebrate such a pivotal moment. Individuals need to express their authentic selves too. Rio Hondo is one of many colleges to host an event to commemorate this pivotal moment in which all members of the community can feel safe and included.

A Day of Empowerment

National Coming Out Day is a day which dedicates in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, in the creation of an environment that allowed individuals of any background to proudly share their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

“It promotes a safe space for everyone, someone can come out and not feel like an outcast too,” Martin Covarrubias, one of the event coordinators, said, “Above all this is such an important day for us to come out.”

Entertainment for All

On this day, everyone felt that they could belong and be happy with others who shared the same happiness, and struggles. People could share who they are, a place made to feel safe. 

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The National Coming Out Day gave a lot to be entertained by too. One was a game where you had to throw balls across a table into cup on the other side. And don’t forget about the amazing treats that you can have, like cupcakes and candy for everyone to have. 

Inclusive Promotions

In addition to the wide range of students who support those who have come out of the closet. This event has also included several different foundations which was equally important. In this case, Vial Care wanted to show their support because they wanted to show their inclusivity. And make event goers aware to be safe against HIV.

“We wanted to show that we promoted safe places as well.” said Griselda Arce, one of the representatives of Vial Care, “That the LGBTQ community has a home in us as well.”

To conclude, National Coming out day was to celebrate individuals who wish to express who they believe they really are. A day filled with education, inspiration and unity. As the world continues to progress towards greater acceptance and inclusion to those who may feel like outcasts. Rio Hondo reminds us of the importance of coming together to support and celebrate the diversity of LGBTQ+ community.

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