Five Must-Have Items for Fall 2022 Looks

Autumn is finally here, and with it, the new fashion trends. For fashion lovers, this is a long-awaited event because it means that a new season of trends and new styles is approaching.  To recap, last year’s fall trends included sequin garments, skirts, and two-piece sets that became hugely popular with teens and influencers. 

During this 2022 autumn/winter season, you will see many looks focused on the concept of 90’s minimalism, some spring/summer trends such as tank tops will continue to be basic essentials, and you will see bright colors such as orange, brown, green, as well as nude colors.  So, for all the fashionistas out there, here’s your guide on what to expect from this year’s fall trends.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a must have item this season because they are a classic and, in recent months, they have become highly demanded among celebrities. Leather is a popular material that, in addition to providing elegance, can achieve multiple monochromatic looks. For this fall, the trend is oversize jackets and blazers in the dominant colors black, brown, and yellowish green.


Everyone needs to have boots in their closet, as they will be essential for this season. For this season there are two types that will be top. First, the Stovepipe Boots, these boots are the knee-high type that can be worn with skirts, dresses or even denim jeans. Platform boots are another option for this season. This 80’s style is becoming very popular as they are perfect to wear with skirts or dresses. Neutral tones are popular among boots for fall 2022.

Cargo Pants

 There are a ton of different cargo pants styles, which are ideal to match your style. One of the most popular styles for autumn are the parachute cargo pants with their 90’s look, you can style them with sweaters and white sneakers. These types of pants were seen in the fashion shows of 2022, even designers like Givenchy have designed their own cargo pants styles.

Maxi skirt

2022 has definitely been the year of maxi skirts. They became popular before summer, and their impact, and popularity, is so great that this trend will continue during fall as well. The maxi skirts that will be in trend are denim, leather, and silk in brown, black and nude colors. You can wear your favorite maxi skirt with a sweater and ankle boots to form an on-trend look.

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses have revolutionized fashion in recent months. So you will want to have a pair for the fall/winter 2022 season. These dresses enhance your silhouette. The best colors for the maxi dress for this season will be brown, blue, and beige.

But above all, make sure you wear what makes you feel comfortable, that is the key to always looking good. No matter what others think, always be yourself, even when choosing your outfit.