Minimalism As a Lifestyle

In recent years the term minimalism has become popular in today’s society, especially among young people. It has become one of the most popular lifestyles of the 21st century. Minimalism consists in prioritizing the essential, in having only the essential things in the home. It can also be defined as living without excesses and getting rid of things that do not have a constant function in life. Minimalism meets the needs of people without accumulating the unnecessary. With neutral colors, a simple design, and avoiding what may seem extravagant.

History of Minimalism…

It is for the same reason that this new term emerged in the twentieth century in New York as a reaction to the intolerance of the flashy in terms of interior decoration and lifestyle in all areas. After World War II, the term minimalism became known in the United States. Then it spread to Europe where painters, artists, musicians, and even writers began to use minimalism for aesthetic and style reasons.

To counteract the consumerism that the war left in society, minimalism has helped a lot. Consumerism was and has been growing over the years. Consumerism in terms of technology, clothing, and food has lately affected the environment causing irreparable damage to natural resources in this critical situation we are experiencing. That is why minimalism has become the most profitable and appropriate lifestyle that people have chosen to no longer contribute to the destruction of the earth.

Why Minimalism is Trending Worldwide

One of the keys to why it has gained so much popularity is because minimalism is synonymous with less is more. Less stuff means more space. Space that can be used for activities like yoga, and exercise, and can positively affect your mood. Also, everything has a place and a purpose. Focusing on functionality is one of the benefits of minimalism because helps people focus on what they love.

Today, material goods are the focus of society’s attention. This is where minimalism is the perfect escape route to that necessary change in lifestyle. Minimalism has many advantages, so people should not only apply it materially but also emotionally. That is, keeping the people who really matter close and keeping toxic people away. That is the essence of minimalism, reducing life to the essentials.