How to Do a Social Media Detox

Social media is a fundamental part of people’s lives today. They serve to communicate, meet people, share moments, and even for work. Today almost everyone has at least one app on their mobile devices.

But not everything is good, social networks are time-consuming, distracting, and can be dangerous. The false information that can circulate over social media can cause misunderstandings and the false media representation of how bodies should appear has caused many adolescents to have a bad perception of their bodies.

That’s why after a period it is important to get away from all this and do a social media detox. But what is a social media detox? A social media detox is when you eliminate the use and consumption of social media either eliminating apps or deleting your accounts temporarily. 

Tips to help you take a break from social media

First, don’t just disappear from the world! Before eliminating your accounts or apps from your phone let your family and friends know that you will not be on social networks for a while. Your family and friends can also be part of this detox and can help you by spending more time with you and doing things together obviously leaving the internet out of your plans.

Another essential tip is to delete the apps from the phone. This step is essential because you cannot do a Social Media Detox if you have the apps on your phone as a temptation. For this step you will need to completely disconnect from the Internet, it may seem difficult at first but then you get used to not having the phone with you 24 hours a day.

Go back to your hobbies. Before the Internet became essential in our life, surely you had hobbies that you enjoyed doing in your free time. For example, try to play some sports, work out, cook, read, learn something new, or hang out with your friends. Do things that make you forget to check your phone.

But if it is impossible for you to stay completely away from social media, one alternative is to set app limits. Try to put a limit that if it helps you spend less time on your phone or you can block notifications during certain hours.