Glamour and Style at Los Angeles Fashion Week 2022

Los Angeles Fashion Week 2022 took place last weekend at the Petersen Auto Museum in Beverly Hills. LAFW 2022 ran from Mar 31 to April 2, featuring Cars & Fashion, Contemporary, and finally, Streetwear looks. Three days full of fashion and excitement because things are getting back to normal after almost two years of pandemic restrictions. Each day had five shows from different designers; the designer roster for Mar 31 and April 1 was Rocky Star, Michael Cinco, Andrew James, Perry Jones, Puey Quinones, MM Milano, and Ron Tomson. LAFW also featured designers from brands Femgraphy, Humans, Bless by Bless, Jimmy Paul, and Demobaza for the streetwear-themed April 2 show.


Femgraphy was the first show of the night. This brand during the show presented the “MERGERS” Fall-Winter 22 Collection. This collection was composed mainly of women’s clothing, with very feminine dresses and outfits that enhanced the body’s silhouette. However, the collection included two outfits for men. Most of the clothes were in nude colors and black and white colors. But certainly, the virtuous garment of this collection was a brown dress with slits on both legs. The beautiful model who wore it was Ramona Thornes. At the end of the presentation, the founders were greeted with a round of applause for their incredible work.


The second show was in charge of HUMANS. HUMANS debuted its very first “Ready to Wear” Sustainable and Unisex Collection. Humans presented a very colorful collection that included red, blue, orange, green, blue, light blue, brown, and white colors. Above all, their garments were sets and women’s dresses made of cotton. This runway had a vibe of the famous series “Euphoria” as the models wore bright and colorful makeup. The look that closed this show was a long white dress with a tail. The model wearing it was Micaela Zoe Jones. 

Bless by Bless 

Bless by Bless was the third show of the night. This is a limited edition fashion brand of timeless wardrobe staples, gender-neutral, and ready-to-wear capsules influenced by the traditional African garments of its designer’s heritage. First, the show started with a short story of an African boy followed by five garments from this magnificent SS22 collection. The collection featured garments for both men and women with a touch of the designer’s native Africa, Bless Mazaura. The collection included jackets, trench coats, dresses, accessories, and urban chic sets all in nudes and black and white colors. The closing of the show was a long transparent skirt with gold embroidery designs with a black top, the model who wore this incredible look was Sophia Lynn. 

Jimmy Paul

The fourth show of the night was Jimmy Paul. Jimmy Paul is a designer who loves color and kawaii fashion. This collection includes highly distinctive skirts, dresses, tops, sweaters, accessories, bags, and fur trench coats. At the end of the fashion show, Jimmy Paul came out on stage accompanied by all the models, approaching the public, who received him with a standing ovation.


The closing show was Demobaza. Demo and Tono are the founders of this clothing brand which was created in 2007. Most importantly, the philosophy of this brand consists of Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and its distinctive haute couture garments are based on an animalistic and futuristic look. Demobaza seeks to express with his clothes the revolution. Also, a new vision for the human being to leave behind the artificial and that no one can control true love. This collection, which debuted on April 2, maintained its peculiar “reconstructed clothing” that characterizes this brand. The collection included leggings, baggy jeans, gloves, masks, shawl tops, and cardigans. The predominant colors in this collection were nude colors, black and red.

This year, a new owner held the fashion show. In January it was announced that the new owner of LAFW is N4XT Experiences, made up of Ciarra Prado (former Fenty creative officer), Spring Place President Imad Izemrane, along with Jackie Trebilcock, Marcus Ticotin, and Keith Abell, all finance and entertainment industry veterans.