Starbucks Is Switching To Reusable Cups

Starbucks announces a new company aspiration to become environmentally friendly. They plan to achieve this by storing more carbon than they emit, limiting their waste, and to conserve and replenish fresh water. One of their first steps to achieve this goal is by launching the SODO 8 Reusable Cup Program.

The New Reusable Cups

The SODO 8 Program is known as the Borrow-a-Cup program in all their locations. This program will change how Starbucks serves its drinks. The cups are going to be completely reusable. The new cups are going to be used for both hot and cold drinks. So there will be no longer be a need for the cardboard sleeve. This will help to reduce waste.

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How It Works

The Borrow-a-Cup program will work by, the customer ordering their preferred drink. Then the drink will be served in the new reusable cup. The customer will have their drink wherever they please. Finally when they finish ,the cup will be returned to a kiosk around the building and in the kitchen areas .Where the cup will be thoroughly washed and sanitized, ready to be used again.

The program has already been tested in five Starbucks stores located in Seattle. Though the program is still in its early stages Starbucks Korea has announced that they plan to eliminate single use cups in all Korean stores by 2025. They’ve has already partnered with a company called Ridwell in April of 2021.Partnering with Ridwell allowed Starbucks to offer its customers a at home pick up service for reusable and items that are harder to recycle. This provides another option to return their borrowed cups. Ridwell provided their customers with custom reusable bags to place their cups in and Ridwell bins placed at the front door for at home pick ups.

 New Areas of Focus

The Borrow -a- Cup program is only part of Starbucks current areas of focus. They plan to expand their plant based menu options, shifting away from single use to reusable packaging. Investing in regenerative agriculture, reforestation, forest conservation, and water replenishment in their supply chain. As well as working on better ways to manage their waste and innovating with more responsible stores, operations, manufacturing and delivery. Their goal is to achieve this by 2030, so we all can expect more innovation from Starbucks in the years to come.

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