Weekly Horoscopes: November 29 – December 5


This week there is a lot on your schedule. But in reality, there are two things you should prioritize above all this week. Prioritize your well-being in order to have peace of mind. Find balance between your busy life and your overall health. Take a day out of the week just to pamper yourself.


This week you will come to realize that it is important to put your best in everything that you do. After all, as a capricorn you know how important it is to look your best. But later in the week, you might get the urge to rush something that is taking too long. Be patient and things will turn out how they’re supposed to.


This week you might be in the spotlight of some situation. But you don’t quite enjoy being the center of attention. The spotlight can benefit you in some way. Take advantage of this time to speak up about a topic that is important to you, you will reach your audience.


This week will begin with a very busy schedule. You might have some leftover work that needs to be completed. Prioritize your tasks and do what needs to be done sooner. By the middle of the week work should be less busy. Later in the week, spend time with someone who makes you happy.


This week someone will come to you with an insignificant question. Just one question will turn into a whole interrogation about something you want to keep private. Aries you usually wouldn’t put up with this but this person is very persistent. Pause and think before you respond in order to give the best answer possible.


This week don’t be fooled by an awkward situation, instead embrace it. This might be about a tough relationship or something emotional. Don’t run from it, you will be surprised what you may find out if you dig deeper.


This week you might encounter a networking opportunity that can be very important. This is what you have been waiting for, take this chance and do your best. Later in the week you will meet someone who isn’t your usual type. But notice how this person balances you out, this can be a healthy relationship opportunity.


This week patience is in the cards for you. This year has been about patience for you. Lately you think about your talents and your lack in something you used to like. Perhaps this is the time for something new. Just remember to take it easy and be patient trying something new.


This week be careful not to believe everything you hear. Leo, not everything you hear is true. Question and find proof of what you heard otherwise don’t believe it. A family argument can rise later in the week.


This week you might drop your whole world for someone who simply doesn’t deserve it. Virgo recognized that you owe this person absolutely nothing. Give up trying to impress others for the sake of yourself.


This week can be a very sociable time for you. You might receive an invitation or opportunity. This can be related to your career or personal life. Regardless, accept the invitation because it is exactly what you need right now. Spread your horizons.


This week someone you meet or get to know on a deeper level can be an important asset to your future. One small change can result in something life changing. This person will do or show you something that will change your life in some way. This is your opportunity to grow and fulfill your purpose.