Weekly Horoscopes: November 22-28


Valeria y


Your manifestations will come to light. Anything you speak into the universe will manifest. You will encounter an opportunity that will come at a random time. Lastly, love will play a big role towards the end of your week.


Have confidence in yourself. Believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. When making decisions this week, make sure you put your best foot forward. Look out for a new goal by the end of the week.


This week, recognize that you might not be receiving what you want from someone. Expect some kind of opening during the week. It can mean a new opportunity to communicate your expectations with someone in your life.


You will find yourself going back to something you already learned. This doesn’t mean you don’t know the material, it is that you got distracted the first time around. But don’t let this make you doubt yourself. You are more than capable. 


This week you need to acknowledge that you need to follow what you feel. Following your heart can be very helpful this week. Accomplishing a personal goal is important to you. Follow your gut, your intuition will lead you on the right path.


This week your focus is on money. Your finances are heavy on your mind and you might even be thinking about the future. This is a great time to invest and do some research on it. Try to find professional help in this situation.


Giving back is on your mind. You might want to give back to your community or even help the needy in some way. Follow your heart.Helping others can be very fulfilling. Free yourself of something you have no time for.


This week you will encounter someone in your life who expects you to express your feelings. This can be very hard for you since you might rather keep those feelings to yourself. Try to talk things out if that is what feels right for you.


You will realize the negative energy that has been surrounding you the last few weeks has been draining your energy. It is important that you reserve some time for yourself this week. Amongst all the negativity you need to find time and space to recharge your energy.


This week you will see how organized of a person you are. This actually makes you a very great person to communicate with. You will find yourself being able to express your thoughts more easily than ever.


This week along the distance a personal goal will arise. Take your time, be patient and don’t rush your goals. Everything will come when it needs to. Don’t take it fast because if you do you will miss critical lessons.


 You will have to withhold your reaction to something. Overthinking might cause some issues in your life. Don’t lash out on someone until you have proof of what they’ve done. Until then, hold back your reaction.