Weekly Horoscopes: November 8-14


This week you will have the opportunity to help someone who has helped you in the past before. Do not underestimate what you can do for this person. This is your chance to pay back that kindness even if all you have to give is wise words. 


This week will begin with you being ready to confront someone or something. Before you confront this, take a deep breath and calm down. Figure this person out first by asking questions and getting to the bottom of the issue before confronting this person.


This week try to make time for that special someone in your life. You haven’t spent much time with this person and it’s been on your mind. Taking care of the relationships in your life is important. 


This week you will notice that you will take on the world if it means to help someone you love. You’re usually someone who is always there, but this week you might not be in the mood to go all out for those you care about. Make sure you communicate your circumstances.


This week you might think that you are only noticed when something bad is happening. That is only your perspective. In reality, you are loved so much that you might not even notice. Look all around you, notice those who make you feel loved and shows you how much you matter to them. 


This week pay close attention to a huge purchase and it’s price. Make sure that your purchase is good quality. You do not want to spend on something that will later end up broken. Even if it means to pay a little extra, make sure your purchase is a good one. 


This week someone who is older, but a child at heart, will give you some advice. The advice might not come in the form of words. But instead, you might see this person live their life with a heart full of joy. This will inspire you to always live to the fullest. 


This week will start off with needing a vacation. But, right now is not a good time for a vacation. Instead of planning some kind of vacation, focus on yourself. Planning a getaway will not make your problems go away nor the way you feel. Face your emotions.


This week you will decide what kind of week you want to have. Either you will have a peaceful week or a stressful one. The decision is all up to you. The way your week will go, depends on where your mindset is. 


This week either you might be in the spotlight or surrounded by chaos. You are accustomed to a lot of attention. Don’t let someone sweet talk you, this person might have some kind of negative intentions. Follow your gut. 


This week you might think that you have very high expectations. In reality, they are not high enough. You are limiting yourself because you think you don’t deserve better and higher expectations. Look deeply into yourself, reflect on the amazing person you are.


This week, you will need to coexist in the same place as someone else. There can be some rivalry or tension. Point is to endure this situation until it passes on. It is up to you to have a peaceful or stressful week.