Weekly Horoscopes: October 18-24


This week as it begins you might want to try out a relaxing technique. Find a warm and cozy place to take in a deep breath, and slowly exhale. All while letting go of that anxiety and baggage. Turn on music that you find relaxing and allow yourself to lay back.


This week you may have someone in your life who wants to shower you with affection. This person might also want to give you their undivided attention. Will you let this person in? Or will you stop yourself once again because of overthinking. This person can have a positive effect on your life, take a leap of faith.


This week your personality might class with someone else. This person is someone you have already encountered in the past. Something about them seems off but if you give them a chance. This person might be worth knowing, spending time together might be enjoyable


This week your intuition is on point, don’t be scared to trust your intuition especially with important matters. Throughout the week you will have to tune in to your intuition, trusting your gut will lead you to success. Your sixth sense will guide you through an important decision or opportunity.


This week is the perfect time to get back to your roots. Your roots will ground you. Try to visit places you went to as a child or surround yourself with people you spent your childhood with. Getting back to your roots can have a positive effect on your life. It can even be inspiring. 


This week you might have a lot to do. You have a big list of things that need to be done. Unfortunately there might be a delay that is unexpected. Everything happens for a reason, it might be a sign from the universe to slow down.


This week you might have been thinking about doing something fun. An adventure might be exactly what you need right now. If you begin to plan early in the week then you will be able to plan an eventful weekend, have fun.


This week expects a lot of contract-making or even making deals. This is a part in your life that isn’t your strong suit. The smartest thing to do is to find someone with experience in this area. Asking for advice can lead to making the right decisions.


This week will start off in a rush, try to remain calm. Rushing things can lead to mistakes which leads to failure. Although your heart is in the right place, continue to be optimistic but with a cautious approach. 


This week it might seem like everything is going insane. But it is important that you tap into your inner self. Doing this will bring out your organizing skills and your management skills as well. This will help make your week less stressful. 


This week you might have the task to help someone in need. Whether it is a friend or a loved one on the task might not be as easy as you initially thought. Do the best that you can to be there for that person. Helping others has its own positive fulfillment.


This week you will learn something new about yourself. You usually surround yourself with those who have the same personality traits as you. Remember that just because someone differs from you does not mean that you should dislike that person. In fact it is the perfect time to have an open mindset.