Elf x Chipotle New Makeup Collaboration

While E.l.f. Cosmetics begin releasing new and captivating products, they comeback to surprise us with a special collaboration. E.l.f. and Chipotle meet again with another jaw dropping, stomach growling collection for makeup gurus to try. A little over a year ago, E.l.f. and Chipotle first collaborated to make primers, blushes, and brushes. Coming together again on March 10, they created their sophomore collection of a 12-pan eye shadow palette. Its packaging shimmers silver to replicate the industrial feel of Chipotle restaurants. The palette contains earthy greens, neutral tones, and a blend of mattes and shimmers. Each shadow depicts to have its own creamy essence, replicating the same comfort as a large burrito. The different shadow colors are named after the infamous options you see at the chipotle counter. From Pinto Beans to Guacamole, its your choice to make the perfect makeup burrito bowl.

A Little Extra

Along with the palette, they also included other fun products to compliment its main work of art. A “Make It Hot” lip plumping gloss, Extra Guac Sponge Set, and a Chips Makeup Bag to store these goodies. The lip plumping gloss took inspiration from their red salsa, giving a tiny zing to the lips. With a sheer color, it gives a perfect tint of red to make the lips look lively. The Sponge Set comes with a green beauty blender and a small brown blender to replicate an avocado slice. With the different sizes, it helps pack and blend colors or foundation for a clean, smooth look. The Chips Makeup Bag looks exactly like the bag that comes with their lemon zested chips with guac. The bag itself is laminated and insulated, giving a sturdy hold for all your makeup chips.

Although a peculiar collab, this out of the box collection has been selling non-stop. With E.l.f. x Chipotle Collection growing, who knows what showstoppers they will create next. Another great addition is that these products are all Vegan, Cruelty free, Paraben free, and much more. Coming at an affordable price, the delicious pieces do not go over 18 dollars. The palette alone goes to around 16 dollars, while the rest range from 5-8 dollars (excluding taxes). Another great part is when you order your palette, you get a coupon code for free chips and guac! With a deal like that, who wouldn’t want to look like a chipotle meal? Packed with style, fun, and hunger, sometimes it pays to get a little extra.