Incentives to Prevent Student Absences.

Sara Rose, Staff Writer

Public schools are offering washing machine usages for kids.

Colorado, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Missouri, are some states that offer this service.

Generally, targeting areas of low income students.

Therefore, in Louisville Kentucky at Fern Creek High School

“Laundry and Loot”was implemented.

Students could wash clothes or take donation items offered.

In addition, students can learn how to do laundry by an attendant.

Rebecca Nicolas is the principal at Fern Creek High School.

Rebecca states, “If it’s a choice between coming to school dirty, and have kids laugh at you or make fun of you, and staying home, they’ll stay home.”

School laundry programs help eliminate truancy’s.

For instance, a Kansas City public school had a spike in attendance to eighty four percent.

Simiarly, a laundry program in Newark at West Side High School

gained recognition for transforming a locker room into a laundry room.

The Ellen Show featured them and the Senator of New Jersey also gave notice.

In conclusion, laundry programs help aid the community and reduces stigma’s and bullying.

“Laundry and Loot” attendant, giving a tour to students at Fern Creek High School. Photo credit, The New York Times.






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