Wiggle & Work. For the modern parents and kids.

Sara Rose, Staff Writer

Let’s take a moment to shine a spotlight on an amazing place called Wiggle & Work.

For those with children in need of a break look no further. It’s not the typical play place for kids.

It’s a coworking space for adults that need some personal or work time.

Wiggle & Work’s parent workstations. Picture credit to the owners.

It’s ideal to bring children to on a busy, hot, or rainy day.

The facility has lounge chairs, parenting classes, Wi-Fi, printers, and a parent notification system.

Similarly, for kids, there’s a play place, rock climbing wall, ball pit, grocery area, and book selections.

Children’s play place and child care area at Wiggle & Work. Picture credit to Yelp user Joy M.

Free coffee, tea, or water is available in the parent work areas with no refill charges.

In addition, parking is free. In LA that’s hard to come by.

Naomi Leight is the founder and she resides in Silver Lake.

After birthing her first child her aspirations were altered, therefore she created an environment that satisfies parents and kids.

Allergen-free snacks and beverages can be purchased, but parents can bring their own foods as well.

Child care is for ages four and younger. In addition, potty-training children are accommodated.

There are live screens to check in on the kids.

Kids rock climbing area at Wiggle & Work. Picture credit to Yelp user Joy M.

An app can be downloaded for the regulars that want to reserve a time.

In addition, it includes discounted products, a manage membership option, and special promotions.

Single day pricing is fifteen dollars per day. With discounts for siblings at ten dollars.

There are weekly and monthly memberships that range in prices.

Wiggle & Work gives two free hours for signing up on their website.

Birthday parties are available for booking.

The location is in LA near East Hollywood and Silverlake.

The website states, the hours are weekdays: 9:00am – 5:00pm and Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm.

There’s only one downfall. They haven’t franchised out to other cities.

Perhaps with more recognition, places like this will become an embraced trend within SOCAL.

In other words, we have enough major franchises that many have grown tiresome of seeing.

Therefore, people could benefit from this original idea growing in popularity.

Since parenting is hard enough as it is.

The main website link can be found at: https://www.wiggleandwork.com/?aff=mommyinlamag
The Instagram page is: https://www.instagram.com/wiggleandwork/
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