Black Friday 2018 Survival Guide

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this Black Friday Survival Guide before you stuff your cart.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and it’s time to be thankful for what we have. But the day after is the best part, which is Black Friday! How do we survive the dreadful yet rewarding night? Heather Hebert from Know News has a couple of tips for us.


Read the papers

 Thanksgiving papers will be released on Wednesday with lots of coupons, sales, and deals listed from several stores. Take all that you can and look through them while the turkey is in the oven during Thanksgiving.


Make an agenda

 Black Friday sales can get pretty crazy, make sure you choose the best players for your shopping team! They must withstand the long lines, the urge to fight over a material object, and overall, be patient.


Dress for the event

You’ll want to avoid layers in case you’ll be trying on clothes. You’ll also need to avoid it to have better mobility. Remember to pack light and don’t lug around unnecessary items when you could be carrying items that are on sale.


Stick to your budget

 If you’ve created an agenda, then you should have calculated how much money you’ll be using. Don’t take cash, make sure it’s in your cards and guard them with your life. Black Friday shoppers are perfect victims for pickpockets.


Prioritize department stores

You can stop by Walmart any time you’d like, but if you really want that new flat screen TV, you’ll head over to Best Buy first.



As odd as this one sounds, it’s important for you to take a break and recharge your body and mind before returning to the insanity. You can sit in the car parking lot with some of your treasures and eat Thanksgiving leftovers while you discuss the weird things that have happened that night. Power naps are encouraged, too!


Always check what you purchase

 This should be a given, you don’t want to end up with two left shoes or the completely wrong size simply because you were in a rush! This goes for clothes as well. Clothes are often mistreated, so make sure it’s not damaged before purchasing it.


Don’t take kids!

This one comes from me, but it’s also a given. We’ve seen how violent people can get over material objects on television. They’re like zombies after a meal, please don’t take any kids into this violent environment.


Risk vs. Reward

Black Friday shoppers have been tased, pepper-sprayed, arrested, even killed, trampled under the crowds. Your life is not worth a $2 dish towel, nobody’s life is. Think very carefully about the items you’re purchasing. Do you need them? Or do you want them?


Black Friday shopping can be very dangerous, but if you’re still stuck on the idea that you should shop, try Cyber Monday. There are early sales that begin on Thanksgiving day. You can stick the turkey in the oven while shopping online rather than risking your life the same night. Good luck to all and may the odds be in your favor.