Life Hacks with Arline

Four Easy Life Hacks to Make Life Simpler

Arline Chaidez, Reporter

Wrinkles Gone Fast

What human being enjoys waking up to realize their work clothes are all wrinkled and still have to be ironed before heading to work. Wrinkles are annoying, a good life hack is putting two or three ice cubes in the dryer along with the hottest setting. The ice melts and turns to steam, getting the wrinkles out. This hack usually will not work with heavier clothes but is proven to work in lighter clothes. The best part is within less than ten minutes in the dryer, your clothes will be amazingly beautiful.

Easy and Safe Cleanup for Broken Glass

Picking up broken glass with bread is a hack that can save you many cuts. Put a little bit of water on a piece of bread that will make it damp and press against the floor where the remaining pieces are. You will most likely be able to catch those tiny bits of glass that are invisible to the naked eye.

Fruit Cleans Pesky Microwave Grime

Another hack is cleaning your microwave with lemon, instead of scraping away all the splatters. All you have to do is squeeze juice from a lemon into about half a cup of water and drop the remaining lemon in. Put the mixture into the microwave for around three minutes basically long enough to come to a boil. The mixture steams and will fill your microwave. Let it sit for around five minutes and then you can open the microwave and remove the bowl. Now, just use a clean paper towel or rag to clean and watch how fast all the gunk comes right off.

Self Cleaning Blender

Lastly, rinse out your blender in seconds! Cleaning out the blender properly is a hassle. To save us all the headache just fill your blender halfway with hot water, throw in some dish soap, secure the lid, and turn it on. Let it run for a few seconds and just simply rinse it off and everything will be clean from the inside. These are just a few simple life hacks that can help you in your household.

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