This Is How You Know You’re Being Ghosted

Urban Dictionary defines the term ghosted when someone you’re interested in, disappears without explanation. But you don’t have to be forlorn for long thanks to sites such as those famous teen sex sites.

Being ignored by your significant other like they dropped off the face of the earth can be frustrating. But how do you know if they’re doing it on purpose?

They start bailing on plans.

Sometimes, Life happens and you get a flat tire or a family emergency pops up, we understand.

But what about the times you text them to confirm plans and receive nothing? You show up and they don’t have the decency to cancel plans. When a few weeks ago your phone was being bombarded with texts. And if you do receive a rare text, it will be annoyingly short.

You have to initiate the conversation.

There used to be a steady stream of phone calls and texts but now you have to initiate everything if you want to hear from them that day, or week. Your routine is non-existent.

All right, maybe you two were overwhelmingly cute and began the relationship with a good morning and good night texts, but all of a sudden they’ve stopped. It’s not necessarily the routine you miss, it’s the connection you had over something you used to share.

It drags on and enough is enough.

You call them out on their excuses for the strange and sudden behavior. You notice the distance between you two and it’s time to confront and make things right.

Before confronting your partner, you decided to be rational and test the waters. Unfortunately, it’s been weeks and their excuse is dismissive. They aren’t denying the fact that they’re becoming distant, but they reassure you that they still like you, enough to keep you wrapped around their pinky. You’re making excuses for them. Take a step back and remember who’s the one ghosting who.

There is no need to make excuses and defend them in order to avoid the harsh truth: they’re just not that into you.

Maybe it was a gut feeling you felt that popped the red flag in your mind, but your gut is warning you. In all, if you feel that you are being ghosted, you need to have a serious conversation with your partner. Whether it’s to clear up the situation or to decide the future of your relationship, you can’t have a one-sided conversation. As vague as this sounds, communication is key and the relationship consists of more than one person. Don’t be afraid to speak up, you deserve an answer.

The print version of this article appeared Wednesday, Oct. 17.