YSL Ad Controversy


Photo courtesy of WSTale.com

Yves Saint Laurent French provocative advertising campaign.

Daniel Campos, Staff Writer

Yves Saint Laurent is causing controversy in France and around the world with their latest ad. The French ad campaign features women opening their legs wide and sexy and bending over contemporary furniture and looking like they want it badly from behind.

A French woman’s group called la feminise ma  are calling for the campaign to be pulled.  French people are known for their sexually explicit ads and carefree living. The city of love has been home to many controversial ads over the years.

The fashion industry has long been known for its skinny models in the 90s, such as Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss, who still wears YSL today. Critics of the ad say that it implies that the women want to be raped, and are painfully thin in a time where fashion designers are crossing boundaries such as Alessandro Michelle for Gucci. He has put men’s and women’s clothing on the same Runway, a scandalous act that had been previously unheard.

Bloggers are saying that it is extremely provocative and violent to be showing women in such nature. Anthony Vascaro’s, who is the new creative director, style is to create sexy and provocative clothing, and some are saying his new designs are pushing the boundaries. Protesters have camped in front of the flagship YSL store in Paris for three days and held up signs with the attached ads is question with the word sexist in French all over them. The Daily Mail and Reuters contributed to this article calls to Yves Saint Laurent were not immediately returned.